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RLID Basic Training
[updated 12/12/2018]

  RLID Basic Training

Understanding the Program and Key Functions

Key Outcomes for the Class

  • Develop skills researching and reporting land records using RLID web-based tools.
  • Understand how to access extensive property data and communicate the information to your clients.
  • Knowledge of where key data comes from in RLID and the update frequency.

Class Outline

RLID Home Page & Navigation Menu

“Standard” Property Search and Reports

Help & Metadata Functions

Deeds & Records

Comparable Sales (Residential, Commercial, and Vacant Land)

Other Applications (Lien Search, Taxlot History, Tax Code Area Look-up, Street Name Search, Eugene Lien Docket, Eugene Building Permits, Eugene Land Use, and Springfield Permit Status)

Brief Break

Easy Maps and RLID Maps (Brief Intro)

“Advanced” Property Search and Map Search (Brief Intro)

Questions & Comments

RLID Advanced Training
[updated 12/12/2018]

  RLID Advanced Training

Expand Your Skills Using the Advanced Search Functions of RLID

Key Outcomes for the Class

  • Expand your skills researching and reporting vital land records using RLID Advanced Search and Map Search web-based tools.

Class Outline

Advanced Search

This tool allows users to specify property selection criteria or filters using a wide array of property and location characteristics organized on a series of tabs. Criteria can be specified on a single tab or combined from multiple tabs.

Search results will display up to 5,000 data rows.

Functional Components

Property (tab)

          Improvements (tab)

          Sales/Values (tab)

          Schools (tab)

          Districts (tab)

          Zoning/Planning (tab)

          Business (tab)

          Census (tab)

          Environmental (tab)

          T/R/S (tab)

Map Search

This tool allows users to interact with a map to select custom areas or groups of properties for reporting or data export. Map tools allow selection and un-selection of taxlots using a user drawn point, line, circle, rectangle, or freehand shape.

Search results will display up to 5,000 viewed properties.

          Map Functions

Questions & Comments

RLID Maps Training
[updated 12/12/2018]

  RLID Maps Training

Learn How to Use RLID Maps for Property Research

Key Outcomes for the Class

  • Gain knowledge for how to search, access data, add markup, prepare mailings, print and share your map and much more using RLID’s mapping tools.

Class Outline

RLID Maps Easy (basic version)

Includes the basic features of RLID Maps and is a part of the standard RLID applications.

RLID Maps Pro (full mapping application)

Accessible from RLID’s Main Menu or the Detailed Property Report. RLID Maps Pro application allows you to display and interact with online maps. This means that you can annotate and save a particular map, share map with others, search for data, zoom or pan to specific features, prepare mailings and run and print reports.

Questions & Comments

Holiday Notice - Xmas/New Year
[updated 11/26/2018]

 Holiday Notice

Our office will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th as well as Monday, December 31st. RLID will be up and running, but support will be unavailable.

The Next Version of RLID
[updated 11/26/2018]

Unique Opportunity!

Help Design The Next Version of RLID

All things benefit from a fresh look occasionally and RLID is no different. In January of 2019, the RLID Team will begin to gather information that will be used to craft the design of the next version of RLID.

You may be randomly selected to be interviewed or to fill out a detailed survey. In the meantime, if you have great ideas for how the next version of RLID should look or function and want to be sure your ideas are included, please email us at RLID Help.

Thank you for helping to make RLID even better! 

After Certification Testing
[updated 11/26/2018]

 2018 Tax Roll Certified                                               

The 2018 Lane County Tax Roll certified at 3:35 pm, Wednesday, October 5th, 2018.

Assessor data in RLID is now refreshed and reflecting certified values.

The Taxes Balance Due application is available and reflecting the newly certified 2018 tax roll data.

Printable Tax Statements for 2018 will not be available for a few more days.

New Profile Report
[updated 11/26/2018]

  New: Property Profile Report                                      

RLID has a new report called the Property Profile. You can retrieve this report by clicking on the new “P” icon in the property search results screen. For most properties, the report will be just one page, but for those with multiple improvements (i.e., buildings or parts of buildings), the report will likely span several pages. Give this new report a try and let us know what you think!

Please send us your feedback on the new report using this link.

No More Captcha
[updated 11/26/2018]

yes_green.png No More Captcha

We have removed the captcha requirement for logging in.

Try Our New Mapping Apps
[updated 02/01/2018]

New Mapping Apps; Old Apps Retired

We have finished work on the new RLID Maps Easy and RLID Maps Pro applications. They include many new features and will work in most web browsers and on most computing devices, including mobile phones.

All RLID subscription levels will now be directed to the mapping application appropriate to that level.

RLID Maps and Easy Map for Silverlight have been retired as of Feb. 1, 2018.

New QuickLook format
[updated 07/24/2017]

Now Available: New Quick Look Format

We have just released a new version of our free information tool called Quick Look.

Please send us your feedback on the new applications using this link.

Commercial Sales
[updated 06/20/2017]

Now Available: 2016 Commercial Sales!

Commercial sales records are available for property sales in Lane County between 1997 and 2016.

Improved Census Information
[updated 06/20/2017]

new_yellow_32x32.pngNow Available: Improved Census Information!

Starting in January 2017, RLID users will see a new section of the Detailed Property Report (DPR) devoted entirely to Census information. The new section will provide a sampling of information from the American Community Survey (ACS), presented at the Tract level, as well as at the City, County, and State levels, for comparison.

For those users who want more detailed information, links to the complete ACS tables will also be provided, along with a link to Census Reporter for the corresponding Tract. The Census Reporter site also provides an interactive map showing the size and extent of the Census Tract.

Note: Census Reporter is a product of a joint effort between the Census Bureau and the Knight Foundation.

New Features
[updated 06/20/2017]

Check Out Our New Features!

The Quick Look application for finding fire station and hydrant locations has been redesigned. Locate the nearest fire station and hydrant for any address in the Eugene-Springfield area and get the name of the fire service provider and an estimated ISO PPC rating for the location. Click here to check out the new application. Available to the public.

A graph of property value trends has been added to the Detailed Property Report. This graph includes real market value and assessed value trends for land and improvements for the last 10 years, based on Lane County Assessment data. Available to subscribers at all levels.

The Map Search has been redesigned. Still integrated with the Advanced Search, it now offers a simplified interface and better performance. Map Search also no longer requires the Flash plugin, making it easier to use in any recent web browser. Available only to subscribers at the Premium level or higher.

If you have any questions, please contact the RLID Team at

Xpress Bill Pay Announcement
[updated 06/20/2017]

Introducing Online Bill Payment

We are happy to announce that the RLID program now offers online bill payment through Xpress Bill Pay!

This service gives you the ability to view, track, and pay your bills through the secure Xpress Bill Pay website. Various payment options are available, including credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Customers can also setup automatic monthly payments and view up to a full year's history of their accounts.

Please contact the RLID Team at to request instructions on how to set up online payment for RLID in Xpress Bill Pay.

User Console
[updated 06/20/2017]

Introducing the RLID User Console

Update your personal and account information, including email address, account address, the account name and the account primary contact.

Manage logins for your account (Primary & Secondary users), including locking (removing) logins and adding new logins. Once a new login is added an email will be auto-generated and sent to the new user with their new account information and credentials included.

The User Console can be accessed via the “My Account” tab on the right side of the home page.


Lane County Ratio Reports
[updated 09/08/2016]

Now Available: Lane County Assessment & Taxation Ratio Reports

Ratio Reports are now available in RLID for the years 2005 to 2015. The Ratio Reports reflect the process used to measure changes in real market values to keep current with the market. This application allows users to download Chapter and Addendum documents to view individual report details.

If you don't currently have access to the Comparable Sales application and would like more information or upgrade your subscription, please contact the RLID Team at

SUB Liens Added
[updated 06/17/2016]

Now Available: Springfield Utility Board (SUB) Liens!

Available in the Detailed Property Report and the Lien Search application, users will now see all available liens related to a property.

Liens are currently available from the following sources:

  • City of Cottage Grove, updated quarterly
  • City of Florence, updated monthly
  • City of Springfield, data is real-time
  • Springfield Utility Board (SUB), updated monthly

RLID also contains a link to the City of Eugene Lien Docket application.


Commercial Improvement Data
[updated 06/20/2017]

Now Available Commercial Improvement Data

RLID's Detailed Property Report now includes commercial improvements for properties in Lane County.

Improvement data in this section (assessor photos, assessor sketches and building characteristics) is provided by Lane County Assessment & Taxation. Updates are published monthly.

If an assessor photo or sketch does not match the property or errors are found in building characteristics (e.g. incorrect year built, square feet, etc.), please contact RLID Support.


Pre-Certification Data Freeze
[updated 10/05/2016]

new_yellow.pngTax Certification Data Freeze

Tax Roll Certification by the Lane County Assessor is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 5th, 2016.

Monday, September 5th, 2016 was the last scheduled refresh of Assessor data in RLID until after tax certification.

This means no updates to the following.

  1. improvement data, photos and sketches
  2. other tax account data (except sales and ownership)

We will continue to receive daily updates of sales and ownership data. Other RLID data, such as scanned documents from Lane County Deeds and Records, regional addresses, taxlots, zoning, boundaries, districts, and other spatial information will continue to be updated weekly.

new_yellow.pngIncreased Taxes Balance Due Availability

The close collaboration between Lane County Assessment and Taxation and the RLID Team at Lane Council of Governments has allowed us to make a significant improvement this year. Taxes Balance Due will remain available to users during the data freeze period and will not have the typical 1-2 weeks of downtime seen in years past!

The Taxes Balance Due application will be unavailable during the following time windows to allow for loading of the newly certified tax roll data.

10 pm, Tuesday, October 5th 


3 pm, Wednesday, October 5th

Mobile Comp Sales
[updated 04/05/2016]

new_yellow_32x32.pngNow Available Mobile Home and Manufactured Structure Comps!

Available in the Residential Comp Sales application, users can now search for comps on mobile homes and manufacured structures. Select Park Model, Single Wide, Double Wide, Triple Wide or 8, 10, 12 Wide. Comps are available on both Leased Land and Real Property. Searches can be extended within a distance up to 50 miles or select "Any Distance" to include all of Lane County.

If you would like information about RLID's Comparable Sales application or to set up a trial, please contact

Res Comp Sales Enhancements
[updated 08/19/2015]

New Options for Residential Comp Sales

Available now, users can search for residential comp sales by selecting from a list of multiple "Dwelling Type" options. You can also extend your search to "Any Distance" or within a distance up to 50 miles.

The NEW Dwelling Types are Condominium, Duplex, Four-plex, Non-standard Multiplex, Tandem Duplex, Townhouse and Triplex

Still to come... We will be adding the option to search for Manufactured Homes in Lane County.

If you would like information about RLID's Comparable Sales application or to set up a trial, please contact Stacy Salladay at


[OBS] Mapping Features
[updated 12/12/2018]

map_60x60.png Mapping Features

We're excited to share features we've added to RLID's mapping applications, Easy Map and RLID Maps. Click the links below to access a pdf document illustrating these changes.

Questions? Please contact Stacy Salladay at

Easy Map New Features

RLID Maps New Features


RLID Password Policy
[updated 03/21/2016]

LoginRLID Passwords Commercial users are required to change their password every 6 months.  Please remember, you may only be logged in on one computer at a time and passwords are not allowed to be shared or given out to non-RLID subscribers.

Issues downloading documents
[updated 09/17/2014]

notifier_warning.pngHaving problems downloading?

Are you being prompted to login again when you attempt to download a deed or other documents...

Due to security reasons you need to access the RLID webpage from (not or 

Please be sure to update the "Bookmarks" in your web browser to avoid this problem in the future.

Clearing cache and cookies
[updated 09/17/2014]

For RLID issues, you may need to delete your browsing history. Please follow these steps:

1. Log out

2. Empty your browser cache & cookies (see links below for instructions). For Internet Explorer (IE), the exact settings to empty the cache and cookies are very important. Click here to see screenshots for correct IE settings.

3. Close all browser windows completely

4. Go to and try again

Instructions to clear browser cache:

Instructions to clear browser cookies:'s-Cookies

For additional information go to: "Why, oh why, do I have to delete my cache and cookies again?".

AT Public Service Hours
[updated 08/19/2015]

Lane County Assessment & Taxation:

Public Service Hours

A&T will be open 10 am to 3 pm – including the noon hour – Monday through Thursday. A&T will be closed to the public on Fridays. The self-help and central files areas will remain open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Click "Notice of Changes in Lane County's Department of Assessment & Taxation That May Affect You" for additional news and information.

[updated 09/17/2014]

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