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What is the Property Search?
How do I search for Permits?
What is the Deeds & Records Search?
What is Taxes Balance Due?
What is Comp Sales Data?
What is Taxmap Search?
What is the Lien Search?
What is Taxlot History Search?
Mapping Applications (RLID Maps Pro):
How do I create a mailing list based on a distance from a property in RLID Maps Pro?
How do I highlight a taxlot and print a PDF map in RLID Maps Pro?


What is the Property Search? Back to top of page

Three Property Search tools are provided enabling users to access and report on extensive property information. Standard searches can be initiated using common property identifiers such as a site address, owner name, map and lot number, or Lane County Assessor tax account number. Advanced property searches can be made using additional characteristics of a particular property or group of properties (e.g., lot size, school district, zoning, or assessed value). Map searches can be made using a map to identify particular properties of interest. In addition, these search tools can be combined to provide flexible options for locating the exact property or properties users want.

Property information is provided in a variety of formats and includes such items as site address, land use, zoning, administrative and political boundaries, environmental conditions, property ownership, land and improvement values, taxes, property sales, and building characteristics. Image information such as tax maps, subdivision plats, partition maps, recorded documents and aerial photography is also provided.

How do I search for Permits? Back to top of page

If a property has a building permit from Eugene it will be listed in the Digital Property Report (DPR), about halfway down the report. Permits from other jusrisdictions, specifically Lane County and Springfield, can be searched for using the links under
"Other Applications". If you use one of these external links you will need to enter your search criteria again. We are working on obtaining permit data from all availbe sources, as well as integrating it into RLID.

What is the Deeds & Records Search? Back to top of page

The Deeds and Records Search provides a lookup index of documents recorded in Lane County and corresponding document images. The index is updated nightly and is a good source of information on recent property transactions and recorded events. Scanned images of recorded documents are typically available from 1994 forward. Recorded information and images can be researched using the following:

What is Taxes Balance Due? Back to top of page

The Taxes Balance Due Application provides a real-time connection to the Lane County Assessor's taxation system for the purpose of calculating taxes owing or outstanding tax balances on specified properties. The application generates a tax report that contains selected Assessor property information and the tax balance as of a user-specified date. This application is not available to all RLID users.

What is Comp Sales Data? Back to top of page

Three tools are provided to support information gathering for comparable sales including the Residential Comp Sales Tool, Commercial Property Comp Sales, and Vacant Land Sales. Searches are based on "arm's-length transaction" sales as reported by the Lane County Assessor's Office and return results based on how closely properties match selected characteristics of the subject property.

What is Taxmap Search? Back to top of page

The Taxmap Search allows a user to search for and display or download a taxmap including selected archived maps.

What is the Lien Search? Back to top of page

The Lien Search provides current city lien information for selected cities including the cities of Springfield, Florence, and Cottage Grove. The application generates a report containing summary lien information including the assessment payoff amount, interest and penalties as of a user-specified date. In addition, a convenient link is provided to the City of Eugene lien docket for look-up of similar information.

What is Taxlot History Search? Back to top of page

The Taxlot History Search provides a simple look-up utility for records of renumbered Assessor tax maps. Searches include information from the former *ATMAP mainframe application (1992 – 1999) as well as renumberings tracked since 2003.


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